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[Game Review] Ketchapp Releases Another Aesthetically Pleasing and Somewhat Punishing Game Simply Called Sky

Ketchapp puts games out with amazing consistency. They have a pool of game makers that they work with that routinely put out some pretty good games. Generally they are games that you can play quickly, have an easy learning curve, but at times, can be brutally difficult. One thing remains throughout their games though, they are generally fun to play.


Crescent Moon Games’ Glow Monsters is Arcade Puzzling Fun

Crescent Moon Games is gaining quite a bit of attention lately for their recently released game The Deer God, that came out this week. However, the week before, they released a puzzle game that is reminiscent of Pac-Man, but is more complex, and still plenty of fun to play. The reviews thus far on Android/iOS have been very good. If you haven’t played Glow Monsters, it is available to download now in the Google Play Store.


Persian Maze by PS Games

Persian Maze, developed by PS Games, is a new ball rolling maze game with all sorts of obstacles to get through before you can make it to the next stage. Tiles that drop out from under you, enemy spiked balls, floor spikes, twisters and more are all there to stop you from getting out of each maze successfully. This game kept it simple though with clean 2D graphics.


K’umpa Puzzle Game

Kumpa, developed by Greenrobot, is a unique puzzle game where you use the accelerometer and tilt controls to move your ball around each stage. You have a certain amount of time to complete the requirements for whatever stage you are on before proceeding to the next. If time runs out you will have to start over again. There are all sorts of obstacles in the way of your success.


DiCaprio Inception Movie Game

DiCaprio’s new movie Inception is on it’s way to theaters (July 16th if you were curious) and with that a new game based on the movie is available for your phone. Built with Unity3D, Inception Mind Game offers up 3D action and strategy all rolled into one title. There is one catch though, it is exclusively for Droid and Droid Incredible phones (via Verizon). Everyone else is out of luck.


Prism 3D

Hyperbees developed the widely popular tunnel racing game, SpeedX 3D, and have been hard at work on their new title which just dropped onto the Android market called Prism 3D. In this game you tilt your device to move the bouncing beach ball along the tiles, collecting points and finishing each stage by getting the ball to the checkered flag tiles.


Joyland Bounce

Joyland Bounce, developed by Intouch Games, is a game where you tilt your device to get your little smiley face ball to move, bouncing all over the place until you reach the end of the stage. While the premise is simple enough, the backgrounds are rather good and the music suits the game well making this a good choice to kill some time with.