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Meltdown Review: Not much to it, but still a lot of fun

Meltdown is a top down shooter from Bullypix. The gameplay is simplistic, the story is nearly non-existent, and the levels are repetitive. With all that being said, the game was a total blast, and I looked forward to playing any time I wasn’t. It’s not without flaws, just having spelled out a few of them. Yet, none of those really mattered to me, nor dissuaded me from enjoying the game.

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Gameloft gearing up to release a new update for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

While Gameloft was at E3 2013 showing off Asphalt 8: Airborne and Modern Combat 5 (which is pretty damn good), the developers over at Gameloft have been hard at work on an update for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour which is being called the ‘Meltdown’ update. While most updates don’t usually have a name given to them, this one is actually a pretty big update in terms of content.