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[Update: Globally Released] Nexon Korea releases Pocket Maple Story onto Android in select regions to start

Nexon Korea has announced that the mobile version of their popular MMORPG for PC called Maple Story will finally be getting released. If you have been following the site for awhile, you’re probably thinking to yourself “but isn’t a mobile version of Maple Story already available?”. Well it was, sort of, but that game (Maple Story Live as it was called) is no longer available on Google Play.


Pocket Empires MMO Update

If you haven’t yet had the chance to play Pocket Empires, developed by Pocket Play, now is a good time to go grab it off the market after the recent updates. These include another server opening up as well as unit balancing issues being worked out. Before the update in regards to unit balancing, archers were rather over-powered but that has changed now.