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Space Ape’s upcoming multiplayer RTS game Rival Kingdoms looks to finally be launching next month

Back in December of 2014 we reported on a new multiplayer RTS game that will be heading to mobile devices soon. Since the Rival Kingdoms has been in the final stages of testing and it now appears that it will finally be released onto Android and iOS next month. Developed by Space Ape Games, the developers are trying to do something different with the RTS genre which is currently dominated by Clash of Clans style clones.


Zynga starts closed beta testing for their upcoming Empires & Allies title. Closed beta sign-ups are also now live.

Zynga has a new game hitting Android soon called Empires & Allies but before the game is officially released, Zynga will be holding a closed beta testing phase starting now which also means that closed beta sign-ups are also now live. For those of you not familiar with this game, Empires & Allies is a multiplayer RTS game heading to mobile soon.


IGG launches a full version of Galaxy Online 3 for mobile devices

Originally released as a browser-based game, Galaxy Online 3 has been in beta testing for a decent amount of time recently even though it is out for browser gamers to play. Why has it been in beta testing? Because the company behind publishing the game for browsers, IGG.com, has been focusing on bringing some of their titles to mobile devices. Galaxy Online 3 is their newest one and it is now out of beta testing and available for download.


Upcoming MMORTS sequel Tribal Wars 2 gets some gameplay shown off finally

We’ve been covering the inevitable release of InnoGames’ upcoming MMORTS sequel Tribal Wars 2 for some time now. Closed beta registration sign-up began in December of 2013 and since then things have been a little hush hush about the actual gameplay and what it will look like. While players of the original game will have some sort of idea, those of you who are new to the franchise may not.