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Keep pipes clear and water flowing in Drain Pipe Contract, now available for Android

Released by Titli Studio, Drain Pipe Contract is a new take on the classic puzzler Pipe Dream. In Drain Pipe Contract, players are looking to manage the plumbing for five different islands, all named after the boroughs of New York City. These islands contain 55 different puzzles, where in each of them players will begin with a board that contains an apparently random assortment of pipes.


[UPDATE: Game Released] TinyCo announces a new sim adventure game called Marvel Avengers Academy

TinyCo and Marvel have teamed up for a new mobile game based around the Avengers called Marvel Avengers Academy. In this game players will be building their own Super Hero school and guiding the paths of world-famous characters. These characters aren’t adults, but complex young adults who are grappling with newly emerging powers while trying to maintain social lives.