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Mad Catz reveals a refreshed model of their S.U.R.F.r game controller for Samsung’s flagship phones

Back in January Mad Catz announced that they had become part of the Designed for Samsung program. As you are probably guessing, this program is all about designing peripherals and other devices for use with Samsung products, and in the case of Mad Catz, this is mainly game controllers. While at MWC 2016, Mad Catz unveiled a refreshed version of their S.U.R.F.r game controller and mobile keypad designed specifically for Samsung’s new flagship phones, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.


Mad Catz announces the L.Y.N.X.3 mobile game controller and S.U.R.F.r, their mobile media and game controller

During CES 2015 Mad Catz announced the L.Y.N.X.9 mobile game controller which transformed into something that would fit into your pocket, yet is also a full-sized game controller. It also had an attachment which was a keyboard, and three different modes depending on what you wanted to use it for – Mobile game mode, PC mode, multimedia mode. What Mad Catz has done is taken those features and created two separate products for those of you who want one or the other, not both.


Yezz announces that they will be developing modules for Project Ara

You may not have heard of a company called Yezz and that’s probably because they are kind of a small company lurking in the shadows of the mobile industry, at least here in the United States. They are a bit more well-known over in Europe. The company deals with producing phones and tablets for Android, Windows, and Firefox. Since they are already in the hardware business, Yezz has announced that they will start developing and producing modules for Google’s Project Ara.


[MWC 2014] Vexia combines a phone and a tablet into one unit… sort of… and it isn’t a phablet

Vexia is at Mobile World Congress 2014 showing off a rather unique product that is an Android phone and tablet in one unit but this isn’t a phablet. Instead it is actually a tablet that also has a small phone unit that comes along with it, allowing you to have the functionality that comes with a 7″ tablet but the ability to also make calls and other functions that require a phone.


[MWC 2014] Qualcomm announces the 801 chip along with their new Quad-Core Snapdragon 610 and Octa-Core Snapdragon 615 chips

Mobile World Congress 2014 is now underway and like always we can expect a ton of new Android phones and tablets to be announced during the event from just about every manufacturer that is out there. Qualcomm has announced a few new chips that they will be launching with one being an improved version of their 800 series while the other two announced chips are the new 64-bit quad-core Snapdragon 610 and the new octa-core Snapdragon 615 chip.


[MWC2013] GameTanium mobile gaming on your TV

Exent is an Israel based company founded in 1992. Their goal is to provide “anytime, anywhere” games. GameTanium will be a subscription based service giving Android devices access to new games each week. The service will also feature content, recommendations rating and trailers. The service will be offered to smart TVs and will enable your device to be used as a controller and you will be able to start a game on the device, move to your TV and then resume playing it on your device when you have to leave.


Nvidia announces five Tegra 4 optimized games that will be arriving soon

Today is the 2nd day of the Mobile World Congress 2013 which is being held in Barcelona and of course Nvidia is there in force. Today they are highlighting five new Tegra 4 optimized games.  A little background, for those of you who haven’t heard much on the new Tegra 4 chipset utilizing the new Cortex A15 CPU core design, it’s the latest that Nvidia has to offer and is supposed to be roughly twice as fast as current generation hardware.