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The Twitch app gets updated with Push Notifications for Broadcasters. The TwitchCon App is also now available.

Twitch’s first ever convention is drawing closer and closer each day and with that there is a lot of news coming out with what will be taking place during the event. Needless to say, there will be a lot going on. Luckily, if you are attending TwitchCon 2015, Twitch has an app to help you out. On top of that, the company has released an update for their Twitch app which bring a much requested feature to it: Push Notifications for Broadcasters.

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DeNA has launched their own live streaming platform called Mirrativ, currently in beta form

It looks like the live streaming platforms wars may be starting to heat up. Right now there is Twitch, the newly launched YouTube Gaming, MobCrush (currently in beta for iOS, coming to Android soon), and now there is Mirrativ from DeNA (beta on Android, coming soon to iOS). Mirrativ is now considered in open beta although there are certainly times that streaming is allowed right now. When it fully launched though, you will be able to stream whenever you want.

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YouTube Gaming will finally be launching tomorrow along with its new mobile application

YouTube almost bought Twitch not too long ago before Amazon got a hold of it instead. However, before Amazon got a hold of it, YouTube integrated a little feature into their platform that announces when a Twitch stream goes live who also has a YouTube channel. The YouTube decided that they too could provide a platform for video game live streams and that is when YouTube Gaming was announced. Now, after a Summer of waiting, YouTube Gaming will be officially launching tomorrow.

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[Update: Released] Konami reveals their official Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain companion app will launch with the game next month

The next installment into the Metal Gear Solid franchise will be released at the beginning of next month, and along with the game’s release Konami will also be launching an official companion app as well. The app will be similar to the previously release Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes application in regards to features and what it will be able to do.

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Kids can now mix their own music in Crayola DJ, now available on Google Play

Created by Legacy Games, Crayola has released a new app for kids to enjoy. Crayola DJ is an app that allows kids, ages 6-10 (according to the press release), to be DJs using touch controls. Players will be able to crossfade, mix, tempo-slide, and scratch to their heart’s content. There are five different styles of music, distributed over the near 100 exclusive tracks, that range from Hip Hop, to Pop, to Dance, and more.