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Game News

Disney releases a companion app for the Star Wars franchise

If you’re a big Star Wars fan than you pretty much want everything that is related to the franchise. Well Disney has released a companion app for the entire franchise in order to make it easier to follow everything relating to Star Wars as well as some other interesting features like a full sound board to play with. You will even get notifications on your phone the moment a big announcement is made, so you can read all the details right away.

Game News

Curse brings their VOIP chatting service to Android with their new app called Curse Voice

If you play video games on either console or PC, then you probably have heard of Curse. They have a network of video game related news websites, pro eSports teams, game wikis, and a ton of other features, all of which relates to video games on pretty much every platform out there. Their VOIP chatting service, Curse Voice, now has an official Android app that people can now use.

Game News

Tearaway Unfolded for the PS4 to have mobile companion app

Tearaway is a platformer, set in a word where everything inside (villains, landscape, protagonist, etc) are all made of colored paper. It was originally released for the PS Vita, with another version coming to the PS4 this Fall with a similar name, Tearaway Unfolded. Along with the console release will come a companion app that allows a second player to partake of the experience as well.

Game News

YouTube will be releasing an app specifically geared towards gaming videos. Live streaming tool improved as well.

YouTube has their main application for mobile devices and it does a pretty good job already. However, because gaming is so big in general, YouTube will be releasing a secondary app which is geared towards gaming videos and content on YouTube, and nothing else. It’s a pretty interesting move as it puts them in direct competition with Twitch as well as some of the smaller streaming apps.