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Nyko’s PlayPad and PlayPad Pro controllers on sale now at GameStop

Back during E3 2012 a new company had come out and announced a new line-up of game controllers specifically designed for mobile gaming. This company, Nyko, had done some good work researching and designing their upcoming mobile gaming controllers from what we had seen back then. Now, we finally can get our hands on some as both the Nyko PlayPad and the Nyko PlayPad Pro Tablet controllers are now available for purchase at GameStop.


The iCade 8-Bitty is finally on sale now for that nostalgic gaming feeling

Yes, there are plenty of controllers out there heading our way over the next few weeks, all of which are designed with serious gaming in mind. However, for those of you who are more into the retro gaming end of things, whether it be playing cool retro games or just checking out merchandise from back in the day, there is a controller that we’ve been keeping an eye on since we last reported on it back in February 2012. Well after the long wait the iCade 8-bitty controller is finally available for purchase.


The Drone is a multipurpose Bluetooth gaming controller that needs funding

As much as I love gaming on my mobile devices, I’m always reminded about how restrictive some games can become due to a lack of physical buttons. Some games just don’t work well with virtual controls, and it leaves me with sweaty hands and a sense of dissatisfaction. Evolution Controllers has just the product for people that share my frustrations, but it needs funding to get its Drone controller into production.


[CES2012] SteelSeries to release a mobile gaming-based controller called the Ion, fits in your pocket

SteelSeries is a company that, if you haven’t heard of them before, makes a lot of gaming peripherals, a lot of which are for competitive gaming whether for professionals or just the hardcore gamer. Apparently, through licensing the technology used in the Zeemote, they have developed a wireless controller that you can use on your Android device called the Ion.