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OlliOlli Preview – How OlliOlli reinvented the skating genre

Skating and other extreme sports may feel left behind with Blink-182 and Total Request Live, but the genre merely needed to get back to basics to redefine itself. The future of skating isn’t about juvenile humor and guest appearances by the cast of Jackass. The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV launch game OlliOlli cuts through all that, ditches a dimension, and focuses on what’s most important in a skateboard game: earning the most ludicrous combos you can via grinds and tricks. And it’s leading the way of a rebirth of extreme sports games.


The PS Vita skateboarding game OlliOlli glides onto Android but only for the Nvidia Shield Portable

OlliOlli is a popular skateboarding game for the PS Vita and now it is available for Android as well. However before you go rushing out to get it there is one thing you need to know, it is only available for the Nvidia Shield Portable… at least for right now anyways. So if you have a Shield Portable then you are in luck when it comes to grabbing a copy of OlliOlli today.