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Appoke now offering purchasing using PayPal

Developers and gamers alike might want to check out Appoke, especially after this update. While 3rd party app stores are nothing new, this update to Appoke now offering users the ability to pay for applications and games using PayPal. This feature is supposed to come to the Android Market at some point as well.


PayPal, Visa and Mastercard go offline, paid apps go with them

Hackers with political motivation, being called hactivists by the media are using a tool known as Low Orbit Ion Cannon (found on the internet with a simple search) to attack PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. Credit processors stopped donations to WikiLeaks, a Whistle-Blowing website out of fear of legal recourse. It disrupted the ability to make purchases in the Android Market for several hours as a result.


PayPal to officially announce Android Market support

It has been rumored for awhile now that PayPal would be bringing Android Market support sometime in the future. As of late more evidence of that has been coming to light, mainly from the back-end of the PayPal site interface where you can activate the ability to offer PayPal if you are an Android developer. Well I think this next piece of evidence is pretty self-explanatory.


Scoreloop Adds PayPal Payment Solution

While we all wait for Google to officially institute PayPal as a payment solution for purchasing applications and games off the Android market Scoreloop has decided to bring it to developers and gamers now with the inclusion of PayPal. Now developers who use Scoreloop with their games can now use PayPal to offer in-game purchases to gamers.