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Hardware News

DroidGamers Deals: Enter for a chance to win an Alienware Gaming Laptop

Mobile gaming is really strictly mobile anymore these days. With programs like Bluestacks (and others) or services like Nvidia’s GeForce Now gaming-on-demand, and GameStream, you can pretty much play Android games on any platform you want, besides consoles, as well as playing other platform’s games on Android. The line between all the video game platforms has thinned out a lot.

Game News

Here is today’s E3 2015 press conference schedule and live stream options. 9am PST starting time.

This year E3 2015 has a lot of coverage available live to watch, which means plenty of live streams will be available. A lot of this is thanks to the new permissions that E3 has given to Twitch users, allowing them to co-broadcast the press conferences live on their own channel. However other companies are live streaming as well such as YouTube, who is covering E3 as well. In other words there is a lot of live coverage available.

Game News

The Humble Artifax Mundi Mobile Bundle now comes with Windows, Mac, and Linux Steam keys

Usually during the second week of any Humble Bundle, whether it be a mobile one or a themed one or any other type of bundle, there is usually additional games added to them. While this still could happen with the current mobile bundle, anyone who has purchased or will be purchasing the current Humble Artifax Mundi Mobile Bundle now has access to copies of all the games on other platforms.