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Amazon’s Prime Day is in full swing, here’s some of the current deals to check out

As you know today is Amazon’s Prime Day and if you were participating in last year’s Prime Day, then you already know what to expect. If you’re new to this, essentially this is a day full of big deals only available to Prime members. The good thing is, if you don’t have a Prime Membership, you can always sign up for the free trial and take advantage of these deals today.

Game News

[Update: Winner Selected] Enter for a chance to win an Nvidia Shield Android TV, Shield Remote, Stand, and a copy of Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

It’s time for another giveaway and for this one it is a straight up Nvidia Shield package with a few extra goodies and a copy of the newly released Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings game. This way, you will not only have a brand new Nvidia Shield Android TV unit, but you will also have a Shield Remote, the metal stand for your new Shield unit, and a fresh new game to crack it all open with.

Hardware News

DroidGamers Deals: Mighty Marquee Desk Light and NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller

Now that the holidays are over, as is CES, we can sort of get back to some of our regular lives, at least for a couple of weeks till the next big conference. In the meantime, we can get back to posting some of the cool deals over on our store and today we have two of them. There is the NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller and the Mighty Marquee Desk Light to check out.