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Plants vs Zombies 2 starts up a 13-day Valenbrainz Event today

Plants vs Zombies 2 usually has special in-game events themed after most holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception to the rule. Beginning today players will be able to partake in a new 13-day Valenbrainz Event which features new plants, levels, costumes, zombies, and more. Then, right after this event ends, the Modern Day Part 2 update will arrive for Plants vs Zombies 2 on February 16th.


Amazon has a Spooktacular Sale for You! Free Games/Apps Anyone?

Android users have a choice with so many things. That is why a lot of people choose Android devices, because of the flexibility the OS provides. We have the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store. Though most people probably use the Google Play Store as their primary source for apps, every now and then, if a game or app is unavailable in the Play Store, you can always check the Amazon App Store to see if it is available there. The Amazon App Store has over $115 worth of games and apps on Sale. Check it out soon, because the sale prices are good until Saturday, November 1st.


EA and PopCap having fun before E3 2013, combines Plants vs Zombies with Mass Effect

EA is always at E3 2013 and apparently they might just have a Plants vs Zombies 2 demo there to check out. However, before all hell breaks loose in LA in a couple of weeks, it appears that EA and PopCap want to have a little fun and have created a mock-up, posting it on Twitter, of what Plants vs Zombies would look like if it was combined with Mass Effect, officially being called Grass Effect.