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PSA: Reminder that Playstation Mobile closes its doors forever tomorrow

Back in March of this year we reported on Sony announcing that their Playstation Mobile services would be closing their doors forever in July. Well it is now July and tomorrow marks the day where you won’t be able to buy any more games off of Playstatioin Mobile. Then in September 2015, in-app purchases and the ability to re-download purchased games will also cease, officially closing Playstation Mobile for good.


Gun Commando and Mononoke Slashdown free this week on Playstation Mobile

Sony is continuing with their big promotion that they have going on for the next few weeks where every week two games on Playstation Mobile will be available for free. Last week it happened to be the cool minimalistic RTS game Rymdkapsel and the arcade game Passing Time. This week anyone with a Playstation Certified device will be able to pick up Gun Commando and Mononoke Slashdown off of the Playstation Mobile Store for free.


Square Enix’s Chaos Rings now available through Playstation Mobile

Square Enix has made one of their games on Android just a little bit more accessible as they have put Chaos Rings up on Sony’s Playstation Mobile store. This is the first Square Enix title to appear on the store and while most Android users shouldn’t have a problem grabbing their games off of Google Play, those of you who prefer Sony’s store can now grab a copy of Chaos Rings off of there.


Tokyo Jungle now available on Playstation Mobile. Time to channel your inner bad ass baby chicken

Almost a week ago we got confirmation that a version of Tokyo Jungle would be coming to Playstation Mobile in the very near future. Well that future has become the present and Tokyo Jungle is now available for Playstation Certified devices through the Playstation Mobile store. While this is a Tokyo Jungle game, it isn’t a direct port of the actual game for Playstation 3.


Tokyo Jungle confirmed to be heading to Playstation Mobile this month

The rather strange concept of what would happen if a city, say Tokyo, happen to suddenly be overrun with a jungle and the animals took the city back over landed on Playstation 3 not too long ago. It’s a game you’ll either love or absolutely hate, there really isn’t much of an in-between with this title. However, it’s popular enough that a mobile version is heading to Playstation Mobile in the very near future.