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The PSP Emulator called PPSSPP has arrived onto Google Play, still in early prototype form

At the beginning of this month we talked about a new emulator being developed by the same folk who created the rather widely used fully working Wii emulator called Dolphin for PCs and that they were now working on building a fully functioning emulator called PPSSPP which would let you play all those favorite PSP games you still own. At the time of reporting on this, PPSSPP was only available for download through the developer’s website.


New emulator for Android, called PPSSPP, lets you play those PSP games you love

A new emulator is currently being developed by the fine folk who brought the world the fully working Wii emulator called Dolphin for PCs. Apparently the developers got a hold of an Android device finally and decided to do what they do best, build an emulator. However, this particular emulator isn’t another GameBoy or console emulator, which we have plenty of. Instead, this emulator, called PPSSPP, is a Playstation Portable emulator for Android.