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Spacetime Studios will be dropping development of most of their older titles to focus on a select few

Interesting news coming out of Spacetime Studios as the company has announced that they will no longer be updating a majority of their older titles, and even some of their newer ones. Instead the company will focus on a select few titles: Arcane Legends, Battle Command, and a new unannounced project. Everything else will no longer be receiving updates. This does not mean the rest of their games are shutting down.


Pocket Legends MMORPG gets a big update including two new playable classes

While a lot of the fans of Spacetime Studios titles are currently working their way through the latest MMO to come from Spacetime Studios, called Arcane Legends, the company is still hard at work bringing content to all of their other MMO titles. Their first release was Pocket Legends, a fantasy-themed MMORPG that has over 8 million downloads, and has gotten a rather large content update which comes with two new playable classes: the Rhino Paladin and the Vixen Ranger.


Spacetime Studios takes both their MMORPG titles global on a single server to do an industry first.

Spacetime Studios has just announced that is has done a world’s first when it comes to cross-platform mobile/PC MMORPG titles but placing the entire population onto a single server. This means that people, for example, in Germany will now be able to play against people in North America or any other locations. This also marks the official launch of Star Legends and Pocket Legends for PC through Google Chrome.