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[Updated] If mobile gaming broke into eSports, what Android game would you like to see played?

Here at DroidGamers we are always looking to do different and unique things with Android gaming. We’ve ran our own competitions already and there have been a few instances in the past where other companies have ran their own as well including Major League Gaming. However, if Android gaming were to actually break into the eSports scene on a more serious level, it would be interesting to see what games people would like to be able to compete in.

Game News

Vote on DroidGamers Game of the Week Poll for 21/12 – 27/12

Welcome to our new weekly feature where we allow you to vote for the best game that’s been released on Android for the past week. We will be highlighting a few of the best and highest profile games released, and you can make your selection from there. You’ll also find out the previous week’s winner as voted by you, our readers. So as the sun sets on another week of releases and as the year comes to a close, cast your vote and pick the best one.

Hardware News

Poll: Do you use physical controllers to play games on your Android phone or tablet?

Something that has become fairly common this year is to see a new controller launching or starting its Kickstarter drive every now and again. I’ve used a PS2 controller (yeah I know, freaking dated) to test out a few games in the past. Like recently, Zombie Driver THD was totally unplayable without the controller (they have rectified this though with a new update). So in that case, the controller made a whole lot of difference. In other games, especially competitive multiplayer ones like Shadowgun: DeadZone, having a physical controller puts you at an (unfair) advantage against the rest of the players.

Game News

Poll: What are your thoughts about Google+ Profiles being mandatory for leaving reviews?

Earlier this week, Google quietly introduced a pretty big change in the way we leave reviews on the Play Store. No longer are we able to anonymously post reviews – we must now do so using our Google+ profiles, with our full name and photo on display for the whole world to see (this has not been rolled to all Android devices though just yet, but the web version already requires your Google+ profile).

Game News

Poll: Have you made an in-app purchase for consumable items before?

Some time back, we published an editorial entitled “In-App Purchases: The Downfall of Android Gaming?”. In the three months between the article getting published and now, the number of games being released for free, or even paid, that contains IAPs for consumable items have increased exponentially. To be honest, finding a game devoid of some form or another of consumable IAPs these days is like looking for a needle in a haystack.