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Plants vs Zombies 2 starts up a 13-day Valenbrainz Event today

Plants vs Zombies 2 usually has special in-game events themed after most holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception to the rule. Beginning today players will be able to partake in a new 13-day Valenbrainz Event which features new plants, levels, costumes, zombies, and more. Then, right after this event ends, the Modern Day Part 2 update will arrive for Plants vs Zombies 2 on February 16th.


PopCap finally releases Plants vs Zombies 2, no really it is out now for everyone

PopCap released Plants vs Zombies 2 onto iOS awhile ago and since then we Android gamers have been waiting patiently for the game to actually arrive onto Google Play as well. In that period of time there was even rumors regarding the fact that Apple paid EA/PopCap to keep Plants vs Zombies 2 an iOS exclusive for a long period of time such as six months. This started because of a leaked statement during a meeting with PopCap where something was taken out of context (according to PopCap) which lead to people believing this happened. Whether that is true or not remains a mystery but it doesn’t matter now though since the game is now available on Google Play.