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PSA: New Android malware strain is apparently almost impossible to remove

One of the major reasons to use the proper marketplaces when grabbing the Android game or app that you want at that time is because of the security risks that are involved with shady third-party sites and torrents. There is no guarantee of what you are actually getting until it is on your device basically. There is a new strain of malware that has shown up for Android devices that is apparently ‘virtually impossible’ to remove, at least for right now.

Game News

Fallout Shelter apparently has a killer bug, and it’s not a radroach

According to a lot of Android gamers out there playing Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s newest and only Android offering has a killer bug, and it isn’t a lovely radroach either. What apparently happens is simple: when a users handset runs out of battery during gameplay, or crashes unexpectedly stemming from running out of memory, there’s a chance that the save file gets deleted.

Hardware News

Nvidia issues a voluntary recall of Shield Tablets due to battery overheating risks

Interesting news this morning from Nvidia as the company has issues a voluntary recall for their Shield Tablets. A voluntary recall is just as it sounds, you don’t have to send your tablet into Nvidia to get replaced, but by not doing so you take responsibility of future risks. So why the recall? Well it is apparently due to the tablet running the risk of having its battery overheating, posing a fire hazard.

Game News

The apparent Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest remake is more than likely a fake

So word has been spreading over the last 48 hours about a remake for a Final Fantasy game called Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest by Dark Design Games which apparently had the support of Square Enix behind it. A lot of major websites have reported about this game coming next month, talking about pre-orders going live and people heading to the site to throw money at it. As it turns out, this remake is does not have Square Enix support and is probably a fake.

Game News

[Updated] PSA: Final Fantasy VI appears to have a major game disabling bug to watch out for

The latest release in the Final Fantasy series on Android from Square Enix appears to have a major bug in it that will basically render the game unplayable if you happen to get caught by it. Please note that before reading further into this article that this news contains spoilers for Final Fantasy VI. If you haven’t finished the game yet or don’t know the storyline, you may not want to continue reading.

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PSA: Attack of the clones with new fake Temple Run: Oz and Subway Surfers

Every so often we have to issue one of these PSA (public service announcement) notices about either a developer offering up a ridiculous amount of fake apps and games or about the fake apps and games themselves. Usually these fake apps and games are either laced with malware or try to get unfortunately people who think they have the correct game or app installed to dish out money for it.

Game News

PSA: Zhuang Qian Hua a.k.a apkdeveloper is back, avoid download these games

Back in late December of last year we posted a PSA (Public Service Announcement) regarding a developer going by the name of ‘apkdeveloper’ who was ripping off people’s games and apps and re-uploading as their own but layered with ads and god only knows what else. Well shortly after that article and a few other sites posted about it, apkdeveloper was shut down on Google Play. Unfortunately they are back under a new name.