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Under the Radar: Gunhouse ditches exclusivity, is now available for all Android devices

If you were a regular DroidGamers reader a few years back, you might have seen a mention about a game called Gunhouse coming exclusively to PS Mobile-enabled phones. Well, this past November, Gunhouse quietly slipped under the radar and hit the Google Play store for all Android devices. Everyone can now enjoy Necrosoft Games’ delightfully quirky take on tower defense and puzzle games.


The Hacker 2.0 Stealthily Slips onto Android Devices

Angry Bugs Games’ follow up to the 2012 iOS puzzle game The Hacker snuck onto the Google Play store while no one was looking. ┬áThe Hacker 2.0 brings things from the 80’s green-hued screens of the original into a more colorful and complex modern era. ┬áThe gorgeous new visual aesthetic is very reminiscent of Square-Enix Montreal’s GO series with isometric turn-based puzzles like Hitman Go and Deus Ex GO.


Relaxing puzzler Quell Zen has been released onto Google Play

For those familiar with the Quell Series (the eponymous Quell, along with Quell Memento, Quell Reflect, and others unrelated to this franchise, such as Swapperoo) will be happy to know that there’s a new entrant into this line of logic games: Quell Zen. In a similar format to the other Quell games, players will be guiding a raindrop around a board, by using swiping gestures to cause it to move until its path is obstructed, while doing so in such a way as to navigate it around the board and avoiding obstacles.


The Making of a Masterful Puzzle Game: DroidGamers Interviews Ultrateam about Ultraflow 2

Puzzle games have a huge following in the Play Store. Everyone likes a good challenging game that they can play that doesn’t take a lot of time. You can hop right in, play a game or two and move on. Or, you can spend more time perfecting your skills if the game is long enough. The Ultrateam knows how to make a good puzzle game. Their first game ULTRAFLOW was downloaded over three million times in the Play Store and the iOS App Store. As anyone would consider that hugely successful, DroidGamers had an opportunity to interview the team, to find out what makes a good puzzle game, and why they decided to pursue a sequel, with the recently released ULTRAFLOW 2.


[Update: Game Released] Appealing Puzzle Game Ghosts of Memories is Coming to Android. Get in on the Beta

Ghosts of Memories is a new puzzle game that is coming to Android. The initial screenshots show a game rendered in colorful soft tones, and structures of mystery, akin to Stonehenge. The game play looks to be reminiscent of the extremely popular game Monument Valley. Paplus Games will be releasing the game October 16th, and we are definitely interested in checking this one out.