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Upgrade and test out your fleet of race cars in Adrenaline Racing, now available for Android

Released by Eduard Mirica, Adrenaline Racing is a new racing game with a top down perspective. In each race, players are looking to stay ahead of the timer by hitting checkpoints before time expires. Players will have access to a variety of power ups, such as speed boosts and shields. The latter being important as collisions with other cars on the road cause your vehicle to slow down.


Second Wave of OpenFeint games today!

Only a couple of weeks ago, at the most, we saw OpenFeint release a flurry of games onto the Android Market as well as their OpenFeint Spotlight App. Promising up to 20 games to be released within a months time their first wave of games came out strong with titles like Fruit Ninja and MiniSquadron and today the second wave begins.