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Dougie Lampkin’s Wheelie Challenge Simulator game will be available this weekend

Dougie Lampkin is a 12-time world champion both in Trials and Motorsports who now has his own sort of mini-game that will become available to play on smartphones and tablets this upcoming weekend. The reason for it being released this weekend is because Dougie Lampkin will be attempting his latest challenge, which will be doing a wheelie around the 37.7 miles of the iconic Isle of Man race course.

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Android Game Sale Round-Up: Limbo, WipeOut, King of Fighters, Kairosoft Games and more

Welcome to this week’s round-up of Android games that happen to be on sale right now. This particular week’s list is actually quite big, with a number of developers putting more than one game on sale. Inkle has put all three Sorcery! games on sale to celebrate the upcoming release of Sorcery! 4, and Rockstar Games still has a few Grand Theft Auto titles on sale along with Max Payne.

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Hotlap Heroes and its controller companion app are both available for Android devices

Hotlap Heroes is a new multiplayer racing game from developers Team Pea. Besides the actual game itself, the developers have also released a companion app for this game called Hotlap Heroes: Controller App. As you might be guessing, this app will turn your Android device of choice into a controller, allowing you to connect to the multiplayer gameplay mode regardless of the device you’re using.

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Big Bang Racing from TrapLight shouldn’t be missed

Trials racing games were all the rage a few years ago. They are still somewhat popular, but their arrival in the Play Store has diminished a bit. If you enjoy those types of games, then you should check out Big Bang Racing from TrapLight. The game is fun, has plenty of content, challenges and cute and engaging graphics. The controls are spot on too, which helps with these types of games. Though the game has been out for a few weeks, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of your attention.