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Rival Knights Review: A Fun Jousting Game but Not Without Its Faults

It’s rare to see a new spin on an overused game formula. What I’m personally used to seeing is a game suddenly rising in popularity, and then everyone releasing what is pretty much a re-skinned version of it. Gameloft’s Rival Knights is the exception I’ve been looking for. It’s a jousting game that plays very similarly to drag-racing games such as CSR Racing, but adding more than enough changes to make the game feel new and fresh.


[Updated] Gameloft releases a new trailer for their upcoming Rival Knights game

Gameloft has been teasing three games over the course of the last few weeks. One is Modern Combat 5: Blackout which we have been following closely and reporting on all the new details and screenshots that get released. Another one is a game that hasn’t had its name revealed yet, although we have our guessed as to what it is and we will be posting those later today. The last is Gameloft’s jousting title called Rival Knights.