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Mad Catz releases a video guide for anyone needing a little extra help rooting their MOJO console

Mad Catz has been a pretty big advocate when it comes to rooting their Android-powered game console called the MOJO. What rooting this console does is open the possibilities up a lot more all around with using the console. It also happens to make just about everything appearing in Google Play which includes games that may be limited by mobile device.

Hardware News

Sony accuses GeoHot of fleeing the country. It’s alright, he’s still excited to jailbreak the Xperia Play

If you follow gaming new at all, and by at all we mean even glancing at a gaming news website by accident, then you already know who GeoHot is and that Sony is suing him for hacking the PS3. Well he left to go vacation in South America and Sony has accused him of fleeing to South America instead to ditch the case or something to that effect.