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Asobimo’s Avabel Online Beta now officially open for English players

One game we’ve been keeping tabs on happens to come from Asobimo called Avabel Online. For awhile now this game has been in an open beta form but only in Japanese with no other languages available. Even though anyone could download and play the game, unless you know Japanese, you wouldn’t be getting far. Now, however, Avabel Online has dropped the Japanese-only language beta and is now available in English as well.


Wednesday Afternoon Awesomeness: Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar recreated in Minecraft

Alright so once in awhile with these awesomeness posts and other ones of this style (Humor, Fail, etc) we post about something not Android related. This is one of those instances and we can’t help ourselves either. Being a Final Fantasy fan (especially FF7) and a player of Minecraft (even if it is Pocket Edition), this recreation of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII is just pure awesome.