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Madfinger Games has a little St. Patrick’s Day sale for a couple of their classic titles, both updated with Android TV support as well

Madfinger Games has decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by hosting a sale on some of their classic games on Google Play. On top of that, both of their classic games that are going on sale have also been updated today with improved optimization and performance on newer Android devices as well as Android TV support.

Game News

Madfinger Games discounts Shadowgun and Samurai II down to $1 and 50% off of Dead Trigger IAPs

Madfinger Games has gotten into the spirit of this Thanksgiving weekend and all the sales that come along with it. The fine folks over at Madfinger Games have discounted both Shadowgun and Samurai II: Vengeance down to a mere $0.99. They haven’t stopped there either as all in-game purchases inside Dead Trigger are also discounted by 50% off their normal price.