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Telltale tweets a slew of announcements regarding upcoming games, sequels and more, dubbing October as an epic month

Telltale has made some announcements on their Twitter regarding some of their current games in a sort of impromptu Q&A session on Twitter. Let’s begin with the endings. Telltale announced that the finale for both Tales from the Borderlands will likely arrive next month, and the finale for their Game of Thrones franchise will follow shortly thereafter.

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Pixelbite hints at a Space Marshals sequel and announces Space Marshals Chapter 3 is on the way

While fans of Pixelbite seem to either love their newest game Xenowerk, or thing the company could have done better with it, one thing is for certain, Pixelbite fans love their Space Marshals game. So fans should be happy as Pixelbte has not only started showing off the next and final chapter for Space Marshals, they have hinted that a sequel may happen, since they said they want to make one.

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Point-and-Click adventure Yesterday has a sequel coming to Android

Yesterday is a point and click adventure (with a little hidden object thrown in) that was released originally in 2012. The story centered around the murder of homeless people, and the protagonist John Yesterday (whose role is one of a couple that players assume) is hired to investigate them. Publisher Miroids and developer Pendulo Studio are announcing a sequel called Yesterday Origins.

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Gunman Clive 2 has a good chance of being ported to Android

The sequel to the popular Gunman Clive game lands on the Nintendo 3DS this week and while that is all great and dandy for those of you who own a 3DS, it isn’t that great for everyone else in the mobile gaming world who enjoyed the first game. However it looks like there is a silver lining to the cloud that is Gunman Clive 2 as the developer Bertil Hoerberg has mentioned that he has plans to port the sequel to other platforms although this isn’t 100% confirmed yet. In other words he wants to, he plans on it, but things could change.

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Angry Birds Star Wars II gets a new trailer featuring Ian McDiarmid

Back in July Rovio announced that they would be bringing a sequel to their Angry Birds Star Wars game to mobile. This new game, which will more than likely be the biggest Angry Birds games so far, will have 30 different characters involved and an entire line of toys the moment the game is released. The toys will be along the lines of the Skylander series which will use Hasbro’s Telepod technology and there will be one for each character in the game.