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Game News

Hotlap Heroes and its controller companion app are both available for Android devices

Hotlap Heroes is a new multiplayer racing game from developers Team Pea. Besides the actual game itself, the developers have also released a companion app for this game called Hotlap Heroes: Controller App. As you might be guessing, this app will turn your Android device of choice into a controller, allowing you to connect to the multiplayer gameplay mode regardless of the device you’re using.

Hardware News

Nvidia has submitted a new controller and remote specs to the FCC

Nvidia has submitted designs for a pair of new wireless peripherals to the FCC. To wit, they are a TV remote (similar to the one used with Nvidia’s Android TV model), and a game controller. Starting with the latter, it’s obvious that it’s a redesign for a few reasons. First, the shape of the controller is a bit on the leaner side, thinning out at the lower portion (think PlayStation’s Sixaxis controller, but not quite as drastic).

Game News

Q*Bert hops his way onto Nvidia Shield in Q*Bert: Rebooted

One of the most beloved arcade games of all time, Q*Bert, has launched on Nvidia’s flagship Android gaming platform, Nvidia Shield, in Q*Bert: Rebooted. While the game previously released on other platforms, it arrives this week with some new Shield specific enhancements including eight exclusive tracks by EDM artist ENV, revamped visuals and UI that take advantage of Shield’s processing power and re-balanced controls.

Hardware News

Nvidia’s possible Shield Tablet follow-up looks to be canceled

Back in May 2016 we reported on Nvidia submitted a new Shield tablet to the FCC, which looked to be the follow-up to the current Shield K1 model. From what was in that FCC report, it looked like the new model would have been an upgrade to the current one, sporting a Tegra X1 chipset for starters. We say ‘would have’ because Nvidia has submitted a dismissal request letter to the FCC over the new tablet.

Game News

Unreal Engine 4 Built Underwater Exploration Game ABZÛ is now available on Nvidia Shield via GeForce Now

Developed by Giant Squid Studios and published by 505 Games, ABZÛ is a new adventure game that allows players to explore the vast mysterious world deep within the ocean. Featuring some impressive underwater visuals and environments built using Unreal Engine 4, ABZÛ’s art was created by Matt Nava whose previous work includes critically acclaimed titles also celebrated for their art design like Flower and Journey.

Game News

Futuristic Arcade Racer Riptide GP: Renegade Jets onto Nvidia Shield

Featuring very detailed high-definition visuals and effects, Riptide GP: Renegade puts players in the role of a hydro jet racer who has been framed and banned from the professional Riptide GP league. In order to restore your reputation as the best racer on the planet you must compete in illegal races around the city. Since the races you find yourself in are not sanctioned, you will not only have to race against other participants but also evade the police who have their own hydro jet bikes. The combination of being both a racer and a fugitive is one of the things that makes Riptide GP: Renegade a refreshingly different take on traditional arcade-style racing.