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Start and grow the business of your choice in Business Superstar, coming to Android next month

To be released by Rapid Turtle Games, Business Superstar is an upcoming sim game for Android. Players can choose to assume the role of either a businesswoman or a businessman, and decide what business they’ll run (and hopefully not run into the ground). Choices range from managing a gym, casino, hotel, jewelry store, insurance company, to space tourism, app development, or something else altogether.

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RESCUE: Heroes in Action firefighter simulation strategy game will be landing on Android next month

RESCUE: Heroes in Action is an upcoming strategy simulation game that will be arriving next month onto mobile devices. Currently in development by Fragment Production, RESCUE: Heroes in Action is all about saving people as a firefighter before they burn to death horribly. Well maybe it isn’t that gruesome but the goal is to work with your team of firefighters to save before who happen to be in trouble.

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[UPDATE: Game Released] Mediocre Games is Bringing Another Unique Game to Android April 23rd

Mediocre Games Studio is a game developer that has created very enjoyable, challenging, and beautiful games. The games they produce are anything but Mediocre, which makes the whole premise behind their name unique. If you have played their games such as Granny Smith, Sprinkle, Sprinkle Islands, or their most recent graphically alluring, and enormously fun game Smash Hit, then you know exactly what I am talking about. 

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Sega’s Football Manager Classic 2015 gets some high-end tablet love with a new 3D match engine

Owners of high-end Android tablets who happen to also play Sega’s Football Manager Classic 2015 have received some extra love from Sega today with the ability to control and guide your favorite teams to victory but with 3D rendered visuals. This is due to the addition of the 3D match engine for high-end tablet owners so you can now follow all the action in a much more realistic manner.