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[Update #2: More Games Added] Android Game Sale Round-Up: Beamdog, Goat Simulator games, 11-bit studios and a lot more

With Christmas only a few days away, a lot of developers have put their games on sale over on Google Play. Companies like Beamdog have put up their Baldur’s Gate series, Coffee Stain Games with their Goat Simulator series, and a lot of indie developers, all have their games on sale right now. This is a good time to pick up games you’ve been wanting to get.


Keep the airport running smoothly in the official Airplane Simulator 2, coming to Android this Winter

Soon to be released by Astragon, Airport Simulator 2 is set to arrive on Android this Winter. This is the same company that made the Airport Simulator franchise for PC. In Airport Simulator 2, players will assume the role of an airport employee and will be charged with maintaining the airport’s smooth operation. As with any good simulator game, players will have a number of different vehicles at their disposal (14 in total) that include a mobile boarding bridge, aircraft tug, fuel truck and an aircraft de-icing vehicle.


[Updated] Coming to Google Play Next Week: Surgeon Simulator from Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios, a developer out of the UK, sent an email today about their soon to be released game Surgeon Simulator. What is unusual about the email is that the only thing included was a video. The video was made specifically for notifying us of the Android release date. It seems once the iOS version of Surgeon Simulator was released, Bossa Studios was flooded with comments on their Facebook page. People in the Android community were clamoring for the release to happen for them as well. The comments have made a difference and you will be able to play Surgeon Simulator on your tablets later next week.