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Platformer game Cloudbuilt is now available on Nvidia Shield

Sonic and Mirror’s Edge might be the games that first come to mind when you think of fast-running platformers, but for the past two years newcomer Cloudbuilt has been attempting to make its name known, by combing elements of the two aforementioned franchises. Formerly available only on Steam, Cloudbuilt is now available to Nvidia Shield owners for the first time via the GeForce Now streaming platform. 


Super Undercover Slime Agent is an upcoming humor-filled platformer with a twist: No Jumping

One of the mechanics usually required to play any type of platformer is the ability to jump. Meet Super Undercover Slime Agent, an upcoming platformer with plenty of humor and one really interesting twist to it, there’s no jumping involved. The good news… sort of… is that you can bounce a bit, which means you’ll need to master the skill of bouncing off things to clear gaps and the like.