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QWOP has finally arrived onto Android to make sure you know you suck at playing it

QWOP is an interesting game that has gained quite a following since it hit the internet. The popularity of this game isn’t because of an array of stunning visuals or deep gameplay but because everyone and their mother sucks at playing this game. Granted a few brave souls out there have learned to master QWOP, but for he general population, getting your athlete to even move five feet is a chore upon itself.


International Snooker Pro THD arrives for Tegra-based Android devices

For the hardcore pool and snooker fans out there in the Android world who own a Tegra-based device, you have a new game available today from Tick Tock Games called International Snooker Pro THD. This new snooker game comes with plenty of content to keep you going with your fix of playing snooker or pool but also features some pretty good eye candy as well, for a snooker mobile game that is.


Gamevil announces a list of their next 30 games, plenty of major titles including Zenonia 5

Gamevil will be attending G-Star 2012 in Korea which is a gaming related conference that has a heavy focus on mobile gaming specifically. Today the company has revealed a list of their next 30 games which will be heading to mobile over the next little while and you may be shocked to know that Zenonia 5, although a major franchise already, isn’t the biggest one they will be bringing to mobile devices. Other names include online multiplayer titles Legend of Master Online and Legends of Gaia. Also current web strategy games Eternal Kingdom, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Bloodlust will be arriving on mobile devices through Gamevil as well.


Sega puts Sonic CD and Football Manager 2012 on sale for Halloween

It seems like there is a lot more going on this year in regards to Halloween than last year and so we have even more news to share. This time it is coming from the fine folks at Sega who have put up a couple of titles on sale to celebrate Halloween. While iOS users get the better end of the stick with this sale, we do get Sonic CD and Football Manager Handheld 2012 on sale for a limited time.