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Justice Monsters Five, the Final Fantasy XV pinball game, will be shutting down for good 3/27.

For any fans of Justice Monsters Five, get your pinball fix in now. Also… probably quit buying currency now. The dates of this shutdown are as follows: The notice that the game would be permanently shuttered went out today, the 27th. The premium in-game currency, Golden Balls, won’t be sold past Feb. 27, 2017. One month after that, March 27th, the game will shut down.

Game News

Square Enix’s Armor Blitz will finally be ready for release next month

Back in August 2015 we reported on a game coming out of Square Enix’s third-party developer program called the Square Enix Collective. This game, called Armor Blitz, is an anime-filled strategy game that the company helped support its developers while the game was being made. Since we reported on it last, Armor Blitz has had an extensive amount of work done to it, and it now looks like the game is ready for launch soon.