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Supercell announces that the soft launch for the Android version of Clash Royale is starting today

So we have been covering the development and testing of Supercell’s next title called Clash Royale for awhile now, since it was announced. Earlier this month the company announced that the global launch for Clash Royale on Android would be arriving in March 2016. While that isn’t much of a wait, a few lucky regions will be getting early access to the game with the soft launch that was just announced for Android.


Supercell’s third game called Boom Beach will be arriving onto Android this March

In our earlier article about Supercell’s revenues for 2013 and this year as well, we mentioned that the company was gearing up to release a third game called Boom Beach. Interestingly enough the company is labeling this a ‘risky’ game as in they have made some choices that they deem as risky, eluding to the possibility that it may flop as a game if players don’t like these development choices.


Supercell security apparently breached by a hacker, company posts the leaked revenues anyways. Third game is also on the way.

Clash of Clans developers Supercell apparently had a hacker breach the company’s security, accessing corporate emails and business accounts, and then leaking this information online. Supercell has then turned around and posted the information anyways, announcing their 2013 revenues as well as up-to-date daily money coming into the company from their two games.