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T-Mobile announces Binge On, a new feature that offers users unlimited free video streaming on their network

We don’t usually post about carrier announcements and such unless it is about a new device or something along those lines. However moments ago T-Mobile made an announcement that is actually pretty impressive. The company has announced that they will begin offering unlimited video streaming on their network for free, and have already included 24 of the most popular video streaming platforms already.


[Updated] April Fools Day List Part 2: Hearthstone version Changelog, Pac-Man in Ingress, elgooG, Google Smartboxes and more

Yesterday we began rounding up the April Fools Day jokes and pranks we came across. Even though for us April Fools Day didn’t start until today, depending on where you live in the world April Fools Day was yesterday for you, hence the Google Japan jokes and Samsung getting in on the action as well. However, now it is April Fools Days for us and there are plenty of jokes and pranks going on already. We will just be keeping a running list of the funnier ones we see.


Fun Fridays: Super Bowl Ads, An Honest Five Nights At Freddy’s, Video Game NBA Logos and more

It is that time of the week once again to take a look at some of the funny and cool things that we have found in our journey for the search for news this week. With the Super Bowl coming up, companies have already started posting their upcoming ads and while we’ve already seen the life-size Pac-Man game one, this week we have two more sent to us from Sprint and T-Mobile.


It’s all official now, the Nexus 10, LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 32GB

Well today was supposed to be the large media event Google was going to hold but it unfortunately got canceled due to the bad weather going on over on the East coast, which we hope all of our readers over there are taking measures to stay safe. Google, instead of rescheduling the event to announce the new Nexus devices, has gone ahead and made everything official today anyways through an online announcement instead. So what is official? The LG Nexus 4, the Nexus 10 tablet and the Nexus 7 32GB version tablet.


Leaked T-Mobile documentation shows possible Ice Cream Sandwich release dates for three devices

The T-Mobile crowd were understandably disappointed when they learned the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC Sensation 4G wouldn’t happen in April. Considering the fact that Sensation models were the first HTC devices to receive the upgrade, it’s a real punch to the gut knowing several other devices are passing it by. T-Mobile isn’t giving us any potential release windows, but an internal document obtained by Tmo News gives specific launch dates for ICS on three smartphones.


A review of T-Mobile’s LG G2X dual-core Android phone

Loaded with Tegra 2 dual core processor technology the G2x is one of the flagship T-Mobile phones going into this holiday season. T-Mobile and LG have made few modifications to otherwise stock Android since it was brought from Korea to the States – the only phone that’s both dual core and stock Android is now available on the market. See how it does after the break.