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11-bit Studio’s This War Of Mine’s upcoming physical board game version now has its Kickstarter campaign live

Usually we see board games getting a digital version released onto mobile devices (and other platforms). However, on the flip side of things, 11-bit studio’s This War Of Mine game will be getting a physical board game version made. What’s even more interesting is the fact that 11-bit Studio promises that it’ll be just as intense as the video game. While news of the board game being made has been known for a little bit now, just to make everything official, the Kickstarter campaign for it has launched this morning.


Cyanogen becomes a company thanks to $7 million in funding, official installer on the way

While we don’t usually post about different versions of Android that are being developed by third-party groups such as the really popular CyanogenMod but today’s news make an exception for us considering this particular ROM has over 8 million users, a lot of which read DroidGamers. It looks like the company is about to go mainstream as Cyanogen Inc is now a thing thanks to the fresh $7 million in funding the company has just received through Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures.