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Fort Courage for Tegra devices bring humorous tower defense to Android

Another Tegra-based game has arrived today from Human Head Games called Fort Courage. Aside from the rather humorous name the development studio uses, Fort Courage is also full of humor, goofiness and straight up fun. This particular game is a Tower Defense style title that is quite enjoyable both with the eye candy it comes with and the overall gameplay. This was a sneaky title too, having no preview at all available on Tegra Zone ahead of its launch.

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[Updated] Coins and cleavage, that’s what you’re after in The Bard’s Tale, now available for Android

Yesterday we reported on a new Tegra-based game heading our way called The Bard’s Tale and that it would be arriving sometime in Q3 2012. Well what we couldn’t tell you yesterday is that it was actually slated for release today, and guess what? It’s available now on both Google Play and Tegra Zone. Developed by inXile Entertainment, this new Bard’s Tale game is, as they say,’ loosely inspired by’ the old Bard’s Tale series of games that originally started getting released back in 1985 for the Apple II.

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The Bard’s Tale adventure RPG slated to arrive for Tegra-based Android devices soon

A new game has popped up on Tegra Zone a few days ago called The Bard’s Tale which is a new game ‘inspired’ by the classic adventure RPG series from the golden days of the Apple II computers in 1985. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, this particular series of games set itself apart from other ones in its genre due to the rather large amounts of humor that was included into the game.

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Beach Buggy Blitz Review – Forget endless runners, here’s an endless racer

Vector Unit are no strangers to the Android gaming world. They have had two hit games previously, namely the graphically-awesome Riptide GP and the moonshine-smuggling Shine Runner. Now, they’ve got a third game added to their arsenal, Beach Buggy Blitz. Racing a buggy on a beach (yes, they still haven’t completely left the water) sounds awesome, but how does it turn out actually?

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Defiant Entertainment to update Heroes Call THD to address freemium concerns

A recently released and promising dungeon crawling action RPG title named Heroes Call THD will be receiving an update soon. Defiant Entertainment, developers of the game, are bringing this update to the game in response to a lot of criticism from players about essentially having to do heavy grinding to progress in the late game or having to basically pay to get anywhere instead.