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Out Now in the Play Store: Pure Chess – Now Optimized for the Tegra K1

Chess is one of the more popular strategy games that have stood the test of time. It is an amusing sight to see two individuals huddled over a board as the chess pieces are slowly pulled off, one at a time, and set aside as a testament to each individual’s skill and prowess. Pure Chess by developer VooFoo Studios and publisher Ripstone have made it possible to make it even easier to take your game of chess with you wherever you go and you don’t have to worry about losing any of the pieces.

Hardware News

Nvidia’s New Device May Be A Hybrid Of PC And Mobile Gaming

Nvidia Shield 2 rumors have been reported on DroidGamers among many other sites. The newest rumor is that Nvidia is working on something that will connect to TVs via an HDMI cable. While the Nvidia Shield is capable of this, the new device would require an additional controller, which is in line with the recent Shield Tablet rumors. However the controller is said to be a budget controller, though personally I hope they don’t sacrifice too much in the way of usability and comfort for the sake of giving the lowest price possible.

Hardware News

Mad Catz MOJO Android game console review – Is it everything you could want in a micro-console?

We were one of the first sites to receive a Mad Catz Android-powered MOJO game console and since we received it we have been working on a review for this console, tossing everything at it that we could. We wanted to do an extensive review of this console, mainly because this one held the most promise of bringing the micro-console industry in Android to a new level. So how did the MOJO console fare against our rigorous review methods? Read on to find out traveler.