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Party Hard GO from tinyBuild is now available on Google Play

tinyBuild has published Party Hard GO onto Android yesterday. This is actually the soft launch for this version of the game but does not come with the Party Harder update we reported on last week. So what is the difference between this version and the original Party Hard that is also available on Google Play? This version is for other Android devices outside of the Nvidia Shield line.


[UPDATE: Game Released] tinyBuild Games announces an official release date for Punch Club on Android

Back in the Summer of last year we reported on tinyBuild and their upcoming game Punch Club that would be heading to Android in the Fall of 2015. Obviously the game’s release is running a bit late but the good news is that the wait is finally coming to an end. Today tinyBuild has announced an official release date for Android and it will be arriving later this month.


tinyBuild begins teasing four new games in their first official “Four-nification Week”

The developers behind the rather enjoyable game Divide by Sheep, Fearless Fantasy, as well as other titles on mobile, are hosting what they are calling “Four-nification Week”. This is where tinyBuild will be revealing four new games, one each day between January 12th and January 15th. However, besides a small animated picture, the developers haven’t revealed any details about any of the four upcoming games until today where they have revealed the first one.