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[TGS2016] Perfect World shows off a mobile version of their original MMORPG called Perfect World International

Perfect World, the company that is, has been around for a fair amount of time, having focused mainly on PC-based MMORPGs and other types of PC games. One of their older titles happens to basically be named after the company called Perfect World, but when it was released to the rest of the world, the name changed to Perfect World International. After 8 years or so of being on PC, Perfect World International now has a mobile version in the works which was shown off at the Tokyo Game Show 2016.


Square Enix cancels Final Fantasy Agito but it will be ‘reborn’ as something else

Last year Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Agito, which was only released in Japan before a Western release was announced during E3 2014. Since then nothing has been announced as to when the game would be arriving in the West. We now know why the radio silence was happening, because Square Enix is cancelling Final Fantasy Agito. Have no fear though, it will be ‘reborn’ as something else instead.


Tokyo Game Show 2015 promo poster finally acknowledges mobile gaming for the first time

Every year there are plenty of big video game conventions and industry shows, such as GDC (USA), Gamescom (Germany), and E3 (USA), just to name a few. The Tokyo Game Show is also a pretty big one as well which is obviously held Japan each year. One thing that the Tokyo Game Show doesn’t usually do each year is acknowledge any sort of focus or care for mobile gaming, even though each year has plenty of mobile game developers showing up, ranging from indie to big multi-million dollar companies.


Two upcoming Square Enix titles now confirmed to be Japan only releases

Square Enix has announced their game line-up that will be on display during the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2012 and two of the games are Android titles, one of which we new about while the other one is a new game we were unaware of. Unfortunately it looks like both games will be released onto Android but location restricted to Japan only, at least for right now when they are initially released.