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Upcoming MMORTS sequel Tribal Wars 2 gets some gameplay shown off finally

We’ve been covering the inevitable release of InnoGames’ upcoming MMORTS sequel Tribal Wars 2 for some time now. Closed beta registration sign-up began in December of 2013 and since then things have been a little hush hush about the actual gameplay and what it will look like. While players of the original game will have some sort of idea, those of you who are new to the franchise may not.


Tribal Wars MMORTS mobile version gets updated, now open for everyone

InnoGames has updated the mobile browser version of their MMORTS game Tribal Wars and coming along with the revamping of the mobile version of the game comes the opening of it to everyone instead of just premium members. This isn’t the Android app version we are talking about here but the browser version which allows you to play the game through your Android device’s browser. Similar to the actual app that is also available.