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Epic Games releases Epic Citadel onto Google Play, Hell has frozen over

We’ve talked numerous times in the past how Epic and their games division have not released, nor ever had plans to release, anything on Google Play. It’s been a topic of conversation here on the site plenty of times and how we have always felt that it is stupid that they don’t release anything for Android, only iOS. So imagine our surprise when we got a tip saying that Epic Citadel was now available on Google Play.


Epic Games says mobile is now the new PC, competing with current consoles

Niklas Smedberg of Epic Games made an interesting statement during GDC Europe 2012 citing that mobile is now the new PC in terms of gaming. This is a fact we have been saying for the past year and a half at least but that is besides the point. It is interesting in that this is coming from Epic Games and the statement goes as far as saying that right now mobile is “starting to competing with current consoles”.