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Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Could Find Itself on the Shores of Android Devices

In what looks to be one of the most amazing jumps in the quality of a sequel, Developers Cornfox & Bros.’ Oceanhorn: Knights of the Lost Realm is improving on the original game on every level possible.  It features a new protagonist in a different time period, a new perspective (moving from top-down, to 3rd person), a new engine (the tried and true Unreal Engine 4!), and even new features that will make this action RPG even better than the first.


[Update: Globally Launched] Gamevil soft launches their newest Action-RPG title called Devilian in select regions

Our friends over at Gamevil have soft launched their newest title onto Android called Devilian. This particular game is being developed by Bluehole using Unity, while Gamevil will be doing the publishing end of things. If the name of this game sounds familiar, it is because it’s actually based off of the Trion-developed PC MMORPG called Devilian.


[Gamescom 2015] Vivid Games releases the first trailer and more details for their upcoming Real Boxing 2 game

Gamescom 2015 has officially begun this week and there is plenty of mobile gaming news heading our way all week. While we will be scouring the show floor for all things related to Android gaming, we also have plenty of meetings set up and one of those meetings is with Vivid Games to get some hands-on time with Real Boxing 2. However the company has released the first teaser trailer for their game already.