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World of Tanks Generals offers up a limited edition flying tank card for April Fools

As you can probably tell from the current trend of articles posted on our site today, there is a lot going on for April Fools Day, all of it being funny. Wargaming.net is doing their own thing for April Fools Day but you may be asking yourself “Why didn’t they add this to their April Fools Day list like almost everything else?” The answer is because even though this is an April Fools Day joke, it is also real.


World of Tanks Blitz updated with a new line of British Tanks

Wargaming.net has pushed out a new update for their World of Tankz Blitz game that features a whole new line of British Tanks that have been added to the game. This will show up as a new branch within the British Tank tree and features new heavy tanks for you to eventually unlock and play with. This update is considered the first major release for World of Tank Blitz since the initial launch of the game.