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Zynga starts closed beta testing for their upcoming Empires & Allies title. Closed beta sign-ups are also now live.

Zynga has a new game hitting Android soon called Empires & Allies but before the game is officially released, Zynga will be holding a closed beta testing phase starting now which also means that closed beta sign-ups are also now live. For those of you not familiar with this game, Empires & Allies is a multiplayer RTS game heading to mobile soon.


Zynga closes down Draw Something developer OMGPop

Zynga is having some troubles these days when it comes to making money and unfortunately some of their recent acquisitions are going to be suffering for this with the first one being OMGPop. Zynga has closed down OMGPop and terminated the employment of pretty much everyone from the company already. The ones who are still there have a choice to train Zynga employees on what to do over the next two month or leave now. If they leave, their severance packages will, unfortunately, be slashed as well.


Check out Zynga’s upcoming MOBA game Solstice Arena gameplay footage

We reported not too long ago that Zynga was looking to enter the MOBA gaming space with a new game called Solstice Arena. This new game is heading both to Android and iOS and as of today the company has done a limited release onto iOS for folks in Canada and New Zealand. While we only care about the Android version of the game, this does indicate that Solstice Arena is getting close to a full release on both platform.