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Counterside leaves mobile exclusivity with PC pre-registration

The beloved free-to-play anime RPG Counterside is no longer a mobile exclusive. Following rampant success on Android, and the other one, the game is set to launch on PC for the first time. 

Counterside PC is now a reality 

As soon as Counterside released on mobile, it gained an instant following. Another free-to-play gacha line battler, Counterside was lauded for its high-quality Live 2D artwork and good character designs. 

Of course, following its mobile release, fans clamoured for a PC version. As it turns out, that PC version is finally here! After two years of mobile exclusivity, PC gamers are finally getting their wish. 

On August 5th, developer StudioBSide announced that the PC port is just around the corner. In a Steam announcement, the devs explained that pre-registration is now available for those who wish to play on PC. 

Unfortunately, there’s still no release date for the upcoming PC version. However, with pre-registration starting, it should release sometimes in the near future. 

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Pre-registration rewards are coming

StudioBSide has revealed that there will be pre-registration rewards for players who sign up the PC version. Those who pre-register will have some rewards when the game releases, we’re just not sure what. 

Furthermore, there will be a new roadmap for the game. Close to release, you’ll get to see all of new additions coming to Counterside. However, there’s no date on the roadmap either. 

If you want to pre-register for the PC port, you can follow the link here. On the other hand, if you don’t want to, you can not do that. It’s your choice. 

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