E-Win Champion Series CPH Review

We like to check out the latest gaming tech and kit when we can, and that includes chairs – such as this one from E-Win.

Straight out of the box the Champion Series CPH is easy to assemble, and feels sturdy once you’ve pieced it together. There are few sharp edges or rough corners, and its £270 price point feels largely justified. 

Another obvious plus is that unlike many gaming chairs this doesn’t feel overly gaudy or tacky. It’s not smothered in logos and has a largely understated design with its faux black leather.

Possibly most important of all, it’s comfortable to sit in. It reclines a surprising amount, almost to the point of being a lazy-boy style chair – but without the footrest (unfortunately).

Adding to the comfort are the two adjustable pillows, one for your head and the other for your  lower back. These are also removable, which is just as well – as we found them a tad too firm for our tastes. Possibly good for helping your posture, but they don’t make this a chair you can sink into.

Ultimately that’s perhaps the point though. The arms are unpadded, signalling that this is a chair that means business – it’s not something you can lounge around in. So for those into their esports, or live streaming, it’s a solid pick.

Ultimately when it comes to gaming chairs, it’s a crowded market. The Champion Series CPH from E-Win isn’t the most luxurious available, but represents solid value for money – and is well worth the investment if you’re looking for a sturdy mobile, console, or PC gaming chair.

You can find out about the full range of E-Win chairs right here. You can also get a 20% discount by applying the code Droidgamers at checkout.

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