EA’s Frostbite engine will be arriving for mobile devices as Frostbite Go

Interesting news today regarding EA’s Frostbite game engine and the fact that a mobile centric version of the engine will be available soon going by the name of Frostbite Go. This is something everyone should be excited about, almost as excited as when we first heard about developers using Unreal Engine for mobile games.

Frostbite is a very powerful game development engine along the same lines as Unreal Engine and Unity3D. This new mobile version of the Frostbite engine will apparently bring “true Frostbite experiences to all major mobile platforms” and yes that includes Android as well.

For console game developers who are a little weary to jump into the mobile gaming scene because they would have to learn new tools, Frostbite Go will offer up all the same tools that the console version of the engine has, it will just be formatted for mobile games for all the mobile platforms out there. Sort of similar to how Unity3D does it with giving developers access to launch their games onto multiple mobile platforms.

For those of you curious as to what console and PC franchises use the Frostbite engine, a couple of examples would be Battlefield and Need For Speed, with the latest version of the Frostbite engine being used for the upcoming Battlefield 4 game.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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