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Financial Incentive for Indie Devs on Stadia “kind of non-existent”

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Pretty much a year ago to the day, give or take a couple of weeks, Google announced Stadia, its revolutionary game streaming platform. 

But since its launch last November Stadia has conspicuously failed to set the world on fire. In fact, there are only 28 games on the platform, and a distinct lack of successful indie titles like Untitled Goose Game and Shovel Knight. 

Show Me the Money

According to Business Insider [via Reddit], who interviewed a number of indie developers anonymously, the reason for the absence of indie developers is fairly straightforward: Google isn’t offering them enough cash. 

Every single one of the developers quoted in the article, which was published this weekend, cites a lack of financial incentive as a reason for avoiding the platform, with one claiming that the incentive was, “kind of non-existent.”

Check out the original article for the full story. 

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